AIR MUSIC : Air called oxygen keeps our body alive. Air called Music keeps our Soul alive. We don’t produce air called oxygen. But we can produce air called music.Musiccan be an analogy with anything. Nothing can be an analogy with music. Music can be produced through two means namely instruments and vocal organs. Certainly, vocals precede any instrument. In other words, voice is the best instrument and is unique. There is a saying, “Sound mind is in sound body”. The sound that keeps our body and mind sound is MUSIC.

OUR TREND : In our organization, we have a trend where we give importance to lyrics which is meant for vocalists as well as notes which is meant for instrumentalist, together. We follow the foot steps of Guru Sri. Thanjavur Srinivasa Iyer, Guru Sri. Gopinath. Trichy. and Guru Smt. Ambujam Vethantham for vocals and Guru Palani.S. Lakshmi Narasima Iyer and Guru Sri. V. Rengarajan Trichy for instrumentals.

Training Session

Training for stage performance
Training for vocal competition
Training for vocal exams.
Training for Music teachers
Audio & Media Voice modulation
We train the trainees according to their ability and wish under the categories mentioned above.

Session Schedule

Twice in a week - (2 Hrs)e
Alternate days - (2 Hrs)
Daily - (1 Hr).
Fee structures vary according to the choices mentioned above.


bharatham-icon  Breath Control
bharatham-icon  Gamaha Varsai
bharatham-icon  Jandai Varsai
bharatham-icon  Vakra Jandai Varsai
bharatham-icon  Tharasthayee Varsai
bharatham-icon  Manthrasthayee Varsai
bharatham-icon  Swara Moorchana Varisai
bharatham-icon  Agara and Bruga Varisai
bharatham-icon  abtha Alangaram Varisai
bharatham-icon  Geetham (Sanjari)
bharatham-icon  Geetham (Lakshmanan)
bharatham-icon  Swrajathi

bharatham-icon  Thanavarnam
bharatham-icon  Pathavarnam
bharatham-icon  Adathala Varnam
bharatham-icon  Keerthanai & Kruthi
bharatham-icon  Swarasanjaram
bharatham-icon  Raga Alapanai
bharatham-icon  Niraval
bharatham-icon  Pallavi
bharatham-icon  Azhvar Paasuram
bharatham-icon  Thevaram
bharatham-icon  Thirupuhazh
bharatham-icon  Bharathiar
bharatham-icon  Bharadhidasan

Lession Plan

LEVEL-1. AGE : 5 to 7

bharatham-icon  Breath control
bharatham-icon  Swaravali
bharatham-icon  Bajan songs

bharatham-icon  Sruthi
bharatham-icon  Thalam
bharatham-icon  Aroganam / Avaroganam

LEVEL- 2. AGE : 7 to 9

bharatham-icon  Gamaha Varisai
bharatham-icon  Jandai Varisai
bharatham-icon  Vakra Jandai Varisai
bharatham-icon  Thiristhayee
bharatham-icon  Devotional songs

bharatham-icon  Sruthi variation
bharatham-icon  Sabtha Thalam
bharatham-icon  Kalam (speed)
bharatham-icon  Tempo

LEVEL- 3. AGE : 9 to 11

bharatham-icon  Manthrasthayee
bharatham-icon  Thaattu varisai
bharatham-icon  Swara Moorchana
bharatham-icon  Patriotic songs
bharatham-icon  Thevaram
bharatham-icon  Thirupuhazh

bharatham-icon  “35” Thalams
bharatham-icon  Music Trinity
bharatham-icon  Swaram names
bharatham-icon  Swarasthanam
bharatham-icon  Purandharadasar
bharatham-icon  Natham/Iraichal

LEVEL- 4. AGE : 11 to 13

bharatham-icon  Vakra Thaattu varisai
bharatham-icon  Agaara bruga varisai
bharatham-icon  Sabtha alangarams
bharatham-icon  Short kruthi
bharatham-icon  Urchava sambrathaya kruthi
bharatham-icon  Thevaram
bharatham-icon  Thiruvarutpa
bharatham-icon  Thiruvambavai

bharatham-icon  Aoudava, Shadavam
bharatham-icon  Annyaswaram
bharatham-icon  Jeeva, Nyasa Swaram
bharatham-icon  Adhidha, Anagatha Thalam
bharatham-icon  Gragam, Kriyai
bharatham-icon  Thevara Nalvar
bharatham-icon  Aksharam, Kaarvai

LEVEL- 5. AGE : 13 to 15

bharatham-icon  Sanjaari Geetham
bharatham-icon  Lakshana Geetham
bharatham-icon  Swarajathi
bharatham-icon  Jathiswaran
bharatham-icon  Tamil Keerthanai
bharatham-icon  Sithar padal
bharatham-icon  Note swaram

bharatham-icon  72 Melakarthas
bharatham-icon  Raga lakshana
bharatham-icon  Thisram in Chathusram
bharatham-icon  Kalpitha
bharatham-icon  Kalpana
bharatham-icon  Short note on Trinity

LEVEL- 6. AGE : 15 to 17

bharatham-icon  Thaana varnam
bharatham-icon  Patha varnam
bharatham-icon  Keerthanai
bharatham-icon  Kruthi
bharatham-icon  Ragamaliga
bharatham-icon  Pancharathana keerthanai
bharatham-icon  Bharathiyar songs

bharatham-icon  Pangal -42
bharatham-icon  Jathibhetham
bharatham-icon  Kathi bhetham
bharatham-icon  Instrumental music
bharatham-icon  Suthangam & Layangam
bharatham-icon  Santha thalam
bharatham-icon  The Great composers

LEVEL- 7. AGE : 17 to 19

bharatham-icon  Thaana varnam
bharatham-icon  Patha varnam
bharatham-icon  Adathala varnam
bharatham-icon  Raga alaapanai
bharatham-icon  Niraval
bharatham-icon  Swarasanjaram
bharatham-icon  Other music

bharatham-icon  Notes writing
bharatham-icon  Past, present, future in music formation
bharatham-icon  Orchestration
bharatham-icon  Raga alaapanai
bharatham-icon  Style of classical & Non classical

LEVEL- 8. AGE : 19 to 21

bharatham-icon  Kacheri Format
bharatham-icon  Ragam, Thanam, Pallavi
bharatham-icon  Ragamaligai swara sanjaram
bharatham-icon  Classical folk
bharatham-icon  Thirumurai format
bharatham-icon  Light music format
bharatham-icon  Voice modulation

bharatham-icon  Gaana kaalam
bharatham-icon  Eastern & Western music
bharatham-icon  Thristhayee Raga sanjaram
bharatham-icon  Chandha thaalam
bharatham-icon  Vallar -Brief History
bharatham-icon  Arunagirinathar-Brief History
bharatham-icon  Pattinathar-Brief History
bharatham-icon  Oothukadu venkadasubaiyar-Brief History
bharatham-icon  Thirumangai azhvar-Brief History

Classes & Courses



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Air called oxygen keeps our body alive. Air called Music keeps our Soul alive. We don’t produce air called oxygen. But we...



Air called oxygen keeps our body alive. Air called Music keeps our Soul alive. We don’t produce air called oxygen. But we...